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Mission Bay Block 25A - Mission Hall

University of California, San Francisco

Completed: 2012 / Targeting LEED Gold

City: San Francisco

Size: 200,000 SF


Challenge - USCF was seeking a new approach to design/build delivery to streamline the delivery process and leverage the efforts of the design/build team.


Instead of providing the design/build team with a traditional schematic design or design development bridging document - John developed a new approach to planning and criteria documents that are aspirational documents which define and prioritize design principles, design guidelines, and articulate.required project performance criteria.


Since the completion of this new approach to bridging documents and the successful completion of Mission Hall - the project for which the bridging documents were developed - several other UC campuses are in the process of adopting this approach to their design/build projects.


The document is organized in two distinct sections:

Planning & Design Criteria and Technical Performance Criteria


PLANNING & DESIGN CRITERIA focuses broadly on the important goals and criteria that establish the experiential quality of the project in three primary categories:

Urban Design & Landscape addresses the broad issues of UCSF campus master planning goals and principles for responding to context and defines campus considerations for developing open-space and landscape spaces.

Building Exterior identifies goals and principles for responding to the immediate context, adjacent sites and essential considerations regarding site and structure.

Building Interior provides a set of goals and principles to guide the development and design of all interior space and elements. This section includes a description of the primary building users, the program, and the planning criteria for each space.


Technical Performance Criteria focuses on how to achieve essential building and site systems, and building and site elements. This section is organized into seven comprehensive sections: Energy & Resource Efficiency, Structurally Sound, Climate Responsive, Occupant Safety & Comfort, Integrated & Adoptive Technology, Sustainable Materials, and Durable & Efficiently Maintained. 

Project with Gensler

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