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Strategic Planning & Visioning

Through a participatory process that includes visioning, analysis, goal setting, benchmarking, recommendations, and implementation development,  John McGuire collaborates with clients to develop thoughtful strategic plans.  Such plans embrace mission priorities, institutional focus, and common institutional expectations.  This is a systematic process of envisioning a desired future, and translating this vision into broadly defined goals and objectives, and identifying a sequence of steps to achieve them.

Land Use, Campus, & Precinct Planning

John advises and guides clients on land use strategies and campus plans to best utilize existing resources. These plans anticipate potential needs for future renewal and/or new development.

Program Analyses

It is important to take stock of existing facilities to understand the best way to move forward. Working closely with clients, John reviews existing facilities to verify their ability and capability to meet future institutional objectives and to identify specific new and future facility needs.


John McGuire understands each client’s strategic objectives with his extensive knowledge of building typology, technology and facility standards. He uses a process that identifies the priorities of space and activity requirements which enhance and support client needs. This process provides clients with a framework for evaluating the unique demand characteristics of their own institution and for arriving at a clear consensus on a facility program.  The resulting prioritization of elements, combined with a creative insight into education and pedagogical dynamics, guides an effective program for facilities that creates vibrant and thoughtful places, promoting the mission of the institution.

Strategic Outreach & Engagement

For many clients it is critical to promote an inclusive and community focused process.  John assists clients in navigating the appropriate processes for approvals for development plans and projects which require approval from a variety of internal stakeholders, agency representatives, public officials and community members.




Design Competition

Clients often select the design competition approach to generate new ideas for building design, to stimulate public debate, to generate publicity for the project, and to learn how design teams plan to approach the project.  John organizes and leads the competition process from initial project initiation, prepares the competition brief, assists with jury selection, guides the screening of the prospective competition teams, organizes final team selection, and oversees project implementation.

Guidelines & Criteria

Working closely with campus stakeholders, John develops campus/project specific guidelines and criteria for site, architectural, and landscape architecture elements that promote high-quality and context sensitive projects.

Concept Design

To understand the design implications of specific project requirements, Concept Design Scenarios are developed to clarify design intent and project requirements.  Concept Scenarios consist of scaled drawings which articulate critical spatial relationships, establish feasibility, and identify the magnitude of needed construction.  These scenarios also provide the basis for cost analysis and cost modeling.  Concept Design Scenarios are used for new buildings, additions to existing buildings, or existing space reallocations.


In concert with clients and stakeholders, John develops specific client-based approaches to identify and achieve objectives related to overall sustainability and resiliency goals.

Project Oversight 

For major campus plans or capital projects involving architecture, historic preservation, and landscape architecture, John guides the design and delivery process to assure that programmatic, quality, and aesthetic intentions are

successfully achieved. 




Higher Education & Science & Technology

Butte College

Folsom Lake College

Cabrillo College

Columbia College

Modesto Junior College

San Joaquin Delta College

California State University, Sonoma

California State University, Chico

California State University, San Jose

California State University, San Francisco

University of California, Riverside

University of California, Davis

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Merced

University of California, San Francisco

University of Oregon

Oregon State University, Corvallis 

University of Utah


Chinese Academy of Science

University of San Francisco

Stanford University

University of Pennsylvania

     The Wharton School



University of California, Davis Medical Center

UCSF Medical Center

Alameda County Med. Ctr. Highland Hospital

Sacred Heart Hospital

Cottage Grove Hospital

Eugene Hospital & Clinic

Sacred Heart Hospital


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency

     Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

U. S. Department of Defense


City of Medford, Oregon


Fresno County, California

Kern County, California

San Mateo County, California

Thurston County, Washington

Island County, Washington

Whatcom County, Washington

Marion County, Oregon

Lane County, Oregon


HTC America Innovation


BioMed Realty



John McGuire focuses on assisting clients to start their projects right; to discover the right project; and to achieve the right project.



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